A few good reasons for your golf course to buy Opentour!

It makes all golf events and competitions more interesting for both golfers and spectators and contribute to a new approach at club level where each club creates its own economy and future

More excitement in the golf events for both players and spectators!

The players will constantly have the opportunity to follow their own placement in the competition

Golf events will be more transparent and comprehensive, this makes it more exciting for the audience to follow the competition both on TV screens in the clubhouse and on the web. You can also join the players out on the course and at the same time follow the leaderboard in your own mobile phone

OpenTour helps organizers

 The organizers have excellent control over how the competition progresses and can easily communicate with all the different flights in the competition (time, weather break etc).

Restaurant staff will know when the players finish their round and will enter the restaurant, this helps planning

Course workers knows exactly where the players are, and this facilitates the maintenance of the course.


The golf course website will be more attractive and vivid thanks to more visitors entering to see how the golf events are proceeding.

Thanks to Opentour and our work with social media you effectively spread the interest of your particular course and your events.

You can link the leaderboard to your website, so that for example companies can track their employees in a business golf event

Additional sales and revenues!

Using Opentour will create greater interest from golfers and spectators and also creates a new approach at club level where each club creates their own futures and economy.
In addition, you can adapt the golf club to today's IT society, and thereby be given opportunities to find new business models.

The golf course can finance the investment of OpenTour by renting out the use of the system to their own customers such as business golf.

 The golf course can also sell advertising space on the leaderboard to the company that buys the system for the day and perhaps a few sponsors.