Buy Opentour

To use Opentour requires an OpenTour license and a smartphone in each flight

Using the players' own phones

In order to keep costs down, the course can ask the players to use their own phones, this assumes of course that at least one player in each flight has a smartphone. In the administration interface, the tournament director creates a unique code that is then given to one player in each flight who will then manage the scoring. The player then browse to in the browser on their smartphone and enter the given code.

Buy telephones

The club can also choose to purchase phones and install the OpenTour software on them.
There are three major advantages to this:
* The software is locked: users can not "fall out" or accidentally browse away from the scoring system
* It gives a professional impression
* Not dependent on players bringing their own phones

The club can choose the number of telephones of any Android model, and which operator that is the most suitable.
Our recommended phone model is Samsung Galaxy Young, currently retails for around €50 incl VAT.

The software is included in the price.


The price for using OpenTour is €1 per scoring entity (player or team) per tournament.
There is also an option to pay a flat fee of €500 for unlimited usage during 1 year on a single location.
All prices are excluding VAT.

What's included?

When you buy OpenTour for a tournament (or unlimited usage) we create an account for you.
You can then administer the whole tournament yourself from start to end.
The system is easy to use, but if you want help to get started we can offer you training sessions on location or over the phone. Please contact us for more information and pricing.